Hearts Online

I'm Miss M. Here are some of my Online Dating tips, backed up by my sometimes hilarious, and often disconcerting stories…



I’m a normal(ish) girl with a sound education, immaculate personal hygiene, and a really… REALLY,  GREAT BIG SET OF………………………. Friends!

Come on people, this isn’t THAT kind of blog. Although sometimes, I’m sure it won’t be avoidable! ;)

So why put our hearts online?

For me, there are a few reasons.

I’m a single chick who’s sick of meeting douchebags in bars. I’m a writer who needs something to write about…

But above all, in the midst of all this cynicism, I’m a hopeful/ hopeless romantic who’s in it for the slightest chance I might actually find true love.

And why the hell would you listen to me?

Whether you’re a single who’s considering putting your heart online, or a double/triple who needs to live vicariously… I hope my outgoing nature and general lack of coordination will prove to be entertaining, if not helpful.

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